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The Effect of Unions on Employment and Wages

We are seeing a lot of heated rhetoric here in Wisconsin about the governor and unions. The clearest treatment I have read of the effect of unions is Chapter 20 in Henry Hazlitt’s book Economics In One Lesson. Jeffrey Miron, … Continue reading

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Fun with Numbers or “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”

In my work we use statistics to support or disprove a point. We mine data to look for patterns, answer questions, and search for evidence of impacts. We try very hard to be objective and accurate in our use of … Continue reading

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Do Teacher Unions Advance Education?

Wisconsin is undergoing quite a bit of strife as the Governor tries to curb the power of unions, including the teachers’ union. Opponents predict disaster and falling education quality if the union’s power is reduced. Blogger IowaHawk looks at the … Continue reading

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