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Minimum Wage, Minimum Rights

Minimum wage laws should be abolished. They are morally indefensible because they cause more harm than good. They are economic foolishness because they thwart the price signal that lets workers and employers arrive at the optimal price for labor. First, … Continue reading

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Fun with Numbers or “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”

In my work we use statistics to support or disprove a point. We mine data to look for patterns, answer questions, and search for evidence of impacts. We try very hard to be objective and accurate in our use of … Continue reading

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Fiscal Irresponsibility

Well doesn’t that just fill you with confidence about the plans the federal government has for dealing with the deficit. The first big headlines they make after the Republican resurgence is three things guaranteed to fix the deficit: cut income … Continue reading

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Robin Hood

Arguments that espouse taking from the rich and giving to the poor act as if this is a zero sum game being played. Under this frame of mind you can take surplus from the rich and give it to the … Continue reading

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Advice from long ago to avoid the financial crisis

Government-guaranteed home mortgages … force the general taxpayer to subsidize the bad risks and to defray the losses. Continue reading

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