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The Morality of Profit

[Updated from May 21, 2011 post] Sheldon Richman in The Morality of Profit has a link to a video from the Atlas Foundation where Tom Palmer discusses the morality of profit. (Also available direct here.) On October 21, 2011 Tom … Continue reading

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Price Controls: Yet another way some seek advantage over others through the government

I just read a great summary on The Freeman Online of the many problems with price controls. It was written in 1978 but is still quite relevant today. I highly recommend it. Congress is currently debating reducing price supports on … Continue reading

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Powerful because of wealth versus Powerful because of influence. I’ll take the former.

Hayek in the Road to Serfdom makes the point that in a socialist economy the only way to advance is through successfully lobbying the government so that your group is accorded greater privileges. If you have the misfortune to belong … Continue reading

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