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I Am Right, If You Disagree with Me You Are Evil

I am a moral, conscientious person. I believe that in supporting X I am making the world a better place. You believe in Y. X and Y appear to be on the opposite side of the argument. Since you do not support X you must be evil. This approach has framed too many debates, it ought to be stopped. Continue reading

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K-12 School Should Prepare Children to Engage in Learning

When I went to college I barely engaged with the professors. I sat passively in class taking notes, rarely spoke up, and hoped not to be called on. I’m not sure why. I wonder if it was because I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Job creation by the government – slight of hand

When the government moves money around to ‘create jobs’ they achieve the opposite effect. Continue reading

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Why SmithHayek?

This is my first post after a fresh install of my blog on my new site – Why SmithHayek? It is named after Adam Smith and Friedrich A Hayek, two of the most famous and influential economists of all … Continue reading

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